iFix Mac Computers


All of our used parts unless stated otherwise are fully tested and are in Grade B+ condition (scratches possible, but no defects, heavy wear or dents). Used parts designed with a Grade B- condition may have slight damages such as small dents or small scratches that are noticeable and should not affect the functionality of the device.

Used parts designated as Non-Working will be parts that will need additional repair in order to be functional. This may include physical or liquid damage. 

Most of our new parts come with a 6-month warranty directly from us or from the manufacture company (these parts are in bulk pack not inretail packing) unless specified on the description. Once you click on the item your looking for when you scroll down to DESCRIPTION you will be able to see the warranty on the item.

Used parts come with a warranty of 30 days and that comes directly from us. We want you to be confident in your purchase.