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661-3434 SuperDrive PowerBook G4 A1106

661-3434 SuperDrive PowerBook G4 A1106

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  • Description

    661-3434 SuperDrive UJ-845-C, PowerBook G4 A1106
    Apple Part: 661-3434
    Product EEE Code: RE3,T5J, U1J
    Related Apple Parts: 678-0503D, UJ-845-C,661-3434
    Condition: Refurbished. by a 3rd party company that specializes in repairs
    Warranty: 60 days.
    PowerBook G4 15inch 1.5Ghz PowerPC (Model A1106-M9676LL/A EMC: 2029)
    PowerBook G4 15inch 1.67Ghz PowerPC (Model A1106-M9677LL/A EMC: 2029)
    PowerBook G4 with combo drive, Titanium Onyx
    PowerBook G4 with combo drive, Titanium DVI
    Also Compatible With:
    All Apple iBook's G4s with Panasonic drives
    All Apple MacBook Pros 17inch (excluding Unibody)
    All Apple Mac minis Power PC 
    All Apple Mac minis Intel A1176
    All Apple iMacs G5 PPC
    Please check compatibility before buying.
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